Eco-Friendly Organizing Products

To help you out on your sustainable organizing journey, here are some links to eco-friendly products you can use made of bamboo, glass, metal & other natural materials.


Glass Jars

Use for decanting rice, pasta, grains, nuts or whatever else you may have!

Bamboo Organizers

Place these in your drawers to keep utensils, flatware or utilities in order.

Woven Bins

These help contain smaller items and utilize deep shelving or cabinets.

Metal Organizers

Maximize your cabinet storage and wrangle pots & pans with these organizers.


Bamboo Hangers

Use for your tank tops, shirts, sweaters and jackets!

Woven Bins

Use for small items like bathing suits, belts and purses!

Accessory Organizers

Use to keep all your scarves in order & under control!

Shelf Dividers

Use to keep stacks of pants or sweaters from tumbling over!


Counter Organizers

Use for hand soap, toothbrush and bar soap of course!

Drawer Organizers

Use to organize toiletries & makeup in bathroom drawers!

Apothecary Jars

Use for q-tips, cotton balls & bath salts, or anything else you need daily!

Under Sink Organizers

Use for extra toiletries, cleaning supplies or toilet paper!


Desktop Organizer

Use for pens, post-its, paperclips, anything you use everyday!

Bamboo Organizers

Use for extra pens, erasers, staples to keep everything tidy!

Wood Paper Sorter

Use for papers in the categories of to do, to pay, to file and to shred!

Metal Storage Cart

Use for specialty paper, colored pens, supply backstock, and it’s cute too!