Customized Pricing

Every home and person is unique, so each project is customized to your specific needs, both organizational and environmental. No project is the same and everyone is in a different phase of being organized at home. We’ll discuss your needs, your budget and your options, then set a schedule and a plan to give you the most organized home you’ve ever had!

Our Organizing Services

All of our organizing services, ecoOrganizing, ecoMoves & ecoOffice are all the same rate.

Initial Consultation is Free!

Everything starts with the initial consultation, where I come to your home to meet you, see your space and determine what we can do to help you get organized.

What’s included:

  • Decluttering (sorting & editing)
  • Organizing
  • Donations & Consignment Drop off


+cost of organizing products

(4 hour min)

on site organized kitchen

We also offer Virtual Organizing!

virtual organizing on laptop

Given the current state of the world with COVID, we’re now offering virtual organizing. Rather than in person sessions, you’ll get organized through remote work sessions on the phone, Zoom or FaceTime. We will come up with a plan, give you homework along with product suggestions to complete your project. Plus we’ll be available for any questions along the way!


(1 hour min)

I can’t recommend Jen more! She helped me organize my kid’s room. Their room was supposed to be a loving and joyful place, but was overflowing with toys, books, stuffed animals, and old clothes. She worked closely with me to make sure the design, plan and approach was what I felt comfortable with. Overall, it was amazing and now I walk into their room and only feel warmth and love - what a children’s room is supposed to feel like. My kids love it too!!

AmySanta Barbara

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m embarrassed and don’t want anyone to see it.

There is probably nothing I haven’t seen, and am never judgmental or critical. It’s the opposite, I’m so happy that you’ve called so I can help. Organizing is something that comes naturally to me and there are other things come naturally to you. All I see is what I can do to help you!

Are you going to make me get rid of all my stuff?

Not unless you want to! The goal of organizing isn’t to make people get rid of stuff, it’s to guide you in the decision making process so you can determine what is meaningful or useful, what is not and where it should live.  If you love something but don’t use it, could it move from your kitchen to a bin in your attic, or be put on display??

How much will it cost?

All of our rates are shown above. Fees include the on site organizing time, our off-site services, and any additional services that are requested plus products used in the project. At the initial consultation, we break down your spaces into manageable chunks and then give you an estimate for each project.

What happens at the initial consultation?

The initial consult is designed to evaluate your space and determine your needs. We take notes, photos, measurements, and gather lots of information. Once we see what is going on in your home or office, a plan of action is created so you know exactly what it will take to get you organized.

Will people find out I’ve hired a professional organizer?

We have a strict confidentiality policy at ecoFresh Organizing. We do not talk about you or your stuff or your situation with anyone without your specific permission. Any photos used in social media will not show anything unique about your home others may identify, unless you’ve approved otherwise.