Free Eco-Friendly Things You Can Do

You don’t have to be rolling in the dough to make a difference for the environment. There are a ton of things you can do every day for our earth to reduce waste and conserve energy that are completely free.

Eco-Friendly Things at Home

reusable plates and flatware on a dinner table
  • Store food properly

    By simply storing your food properly you will reduce food waste, preventing the emission of methane gas from food in the landfill and also drive to the supermarket less!

  • Start composting

    Inevitably, there will be some food waste, start composting if you can. This could be as simple as making a composting pile in your yard, to dropping off at a local community garden or even adding to your yard waste bin (if available in your area).

  • Use real plates and flatware

    It’s a simple change to make for your daily use, even for larger gatherings!

  • Wash your clothes in cold water

    It works just as well as warm or hot in most cases and saves a ton of energy.

  • Recycle correctly

    This one is a bit tricky as all counties seem to have their own rules. Check out your county’s website or call the number on your bill for information on what can be recycled in your area. You can also check What & How to Recycle or

  • Turn lights off

    Ever since I can remember this one has been drilled into my head, it’s super easy. When you leave a room, just turn the light off.

  • Don’t leave the water running

    Here’s another oldie but goodie, it applies to anytime you’re using the faucets, while brushing your teeth, lathering your face – every little bit adds up!

  • Opt for paperless billing

    Pretty much all bills allow sign up for paperless billing, which will email your bill instead of mailing. Reducing the consumption of paper every month!

  • Donate or recycle your old mattress

    Your new, high-quality mattress has arrived at your doorstep, but what about your old bed? If it’s in good shape, it could be donated, if not, possibly recycled. Find out more info at

Eco-Friendly Things Out & About

reusable coffee cup latte art
  • Drive less

    The less you drive, the less carbon is emitted into the air, less gas is consumed, you get the idea.

  • Opt to ride your bike or walk

    Not only are you saving energy, you’re getting exercise too!

  • Carpool

    This gets even more cars off the road, multiplying “Drive less” above by 2 or 3, depending on how many people you carpool with!

  • Combine your trips

    Instead of going to the grocery store one day, the pharmacy another and the hardware store on yet another day, group them all into one trip!

  • Say no to freebies

    When you really think about it, those promo items rarely get used. They’ll just sit in your house at the back of a drawer or cabinet for who knows how long! Of course, take them if you’ll actually use them!

  • Refuse straws

    When eating out, this is a simple request as you order your drink. A simple “no straw please” is all it takes. I try to look around before asking to see if other glasses have straws. If you really like using straws, save them and reuse!

  • Save unused paper napkins

    There always seems to be paper napkins left over when you eat out at restaurants, don’t throw them away, take those babies home or keep them in your car to use. Free mess cleanup!

  • Request ceramic cups at coffee shops

    Most coffee shops these days assume you want a to go cup, if you’re going to stay to enjoy you cup of joe, request “for here” when you’re ordering! If you are taking it to go, simply go topless or save the plastic top and reuse it!

  • Opt for plastic-free produce

    Simply place produce in your shopping cart, you’re going to wash and possibly cook them anyway. Unless you’re getting green beans, of course!