Ventura Home Organizing

Make this the year you get your home organized, once and for all, while making an environmental impact!

Save Time

When you organize your things, giving every object a home, then you’ll know where they are, even when you’re rushing out the door.

Reduce Stress

When everything is in it’s place, you’ll be able to relax and spend time doing what you love with friends and family.

Save Money

When you know what you have, you won’t buy another because you didn’t see it hiding in the back of your pantry behind the chips.

Improve Health

With all the clutter gone and gorgeous sustainable organizing products in their place, your home will be more healthy, as will you!

Our ecoOrganizing Services

With ecoOrganizing, you get all the benefits of professional organizing, with a natural, eco-friendly and healthy twist. When we organize your home with sustainable materials, it reduces the toxicity of your home, rather than adding to it with plastic bins & organizers. Leaving you with a beautiful space, containing only things you need and love!


  • Initial Consultation
  • On Site Organizing
  • Shopping & Returns
  • Donation Drop Off
  • Proper Recycling

*All organizing products will be billed to you once your job is complete


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